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Comedy Club or Sex Club?

Why not both! Alaska Club Kink is a safe environment for adults to become educated on safe fetish play, have the sex positive place to experience consensual kink play, and enjoy a variety of entertainment in social gatherings.


Floating Hearts

Kink News

We has started operating out of an apartment. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all of our services are suspended until Anchorage has testing readily available or a vaccine. The apartment lease is up in June and we are going to upgrade to a better location. Kinky Realtors hit us up! We are still Saving to Lease Commercial Space For The Club

We are still building this website so please have patience, it's a learning process for us.

Take Care Of Yourself & Loved Ones

  • Please follow the Social Distancing Guidelines when leaving your home and stay home if you are sick. 

  • Make sure your loved ones have food, water, and a means to communicate. 

  • Stay active when at home to lower stress and keep your mind focused.

  • Eat as healthy as you can.

  • Express yourself and reach out to others digitally.

Jokes For Sex Toys Contest 

We have a bunch of unboxed sex toys and accessories we want to give away!

On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, post a Joke, record a sketch, just be funny!

#alaskaclubkink in your post for a chance to win

We will choose a winner every Friday and contact them through their social media.


Winners choose a sex toy or accessory with a value of up to $150 from an online or local (Anchorage) retailer and we will pick up the bill! In addition, the winner gets to choose one of the unboxed toys we have! 


We understand some winners may want discretion with their choice. If the retailer the winner chooses offers a giftcard option, we will honor that choice. We ask that winners support the local and smaller retailers, but yes, winners can choose their prize through Amazon.   


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