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If you are interested in applying:

what play space are we looking for?

-spacious, accommodating, accessible, private property, noise control, and available parking.

How do hosts benefit?

-Hosts hosting their play parties receive 60% from ticket sales.

-Ghost hosts whom offer their space and are not involved in the play parties receive 40% from ticket sales.

-Hosts schedule with the club when they want to hold a play party.

-HOsts can hold kink specific play parties.

-Every play party will have a DUngeon Master from the club help set up, break down, welcome members, and ensure club rules are followed and members are safe.

what about covid?

-we will limit the number of members able to attend events to no more then 10. 

-Members and Hosts will go through a screening process before an event.

-Hosts can improvise by having Gloryhole parties, all latex and masks, and no contact sex shows (live Sex performances infront of members 6 feet from each other).

what is taking so long?

-we are finishing up contracts, seeking dungeon masters, and redesigning the website.

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