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We are a start up business in Anchorage, Alaska that will provide sex education and produce various standup comedy shows.


The club will be open during the working day as an educational kink fetish exhibit that will showcase sex furniture, gear, art, toys, etc. Educators (Dungeon Masters) would be available to answer questions and they would host clothes-on/hands-on workshops throughout the week.

In the evening the club is transitioned to a comedy club that uses the sex furniture for guest seating and stage props. The comedy shows will be recorded and posted online as well as a mobile app that would contribute all its subscription revenue to local Alaskan nonprofits and charities.

The weekends evenings will be open to adult play parties for members and an erotic non-nudity show.

We are seeking Influential Comedian and Sex Experts to become owners. Please contact us with any questions or business inquiries.