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What we are up to

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We have our own space to play!


Members can hang out at subSpace and chill in our social area. If the open space is not rented out, members can use the space to play games, practice their kink, work on a scene or performance, and much more! It's there for you!
Experts in specific and common forms of BDSM who present sex fetish education group workshops for our members. They ensure members play safe at parties and rules are always followed



The Club offers hands-on/clothes-on interactive sex positive workshops developed to educate attendees of various kink play and their safety practices. 
Gather with other kinky community members for fun adult games, open discussions, trivia, kinky karaoke, movie nights, and much more in a safe and comfortable environment.

SOCIAL Gatherings


We host monthly themed play parties, not sex parties! However, our Members can host any kind of party they want and we support them by providing Dungeon Masters, rental equipment, and vetting their space for play.
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