All Memberships Are Currently On Presale!


Presales allow for Alaska Club Kink to raise the $60,000 it requires to lease a commercial property in Anchorage. Due to website capabilities, all memberships will unfortunatly start on the date of purchase. Showing the receipt of the purchase of their plan when activating their in person membership at the club, their membership will be renewed free of charge.

The plans are 100% refundable up until their activation. Once activated and started, the purchaser of the plan gives up their right for a full or partial refund.

To show appreciation and to start introducing members towards what to expect before leasing a commercial space, Free of Charge Exclusive Parties will be held for members whom purchase the Exclusive Membership. These parties are starting beginning of March 2020 and are unfortunately held in an apartment. Each Party can hold 6-8 guests, whom will get to experience a 30 minute comedy show before being open to a play party. Memebers will be able to use all the goodies we have so far that is ll for the club. A lot of the furniture and equipment are still in the box. 

Be the first persom to jump on the Bondage Horse. See if the Equus Wave is Comfy. Feel free to throw our sexually deprived realistic looking sex doll a bone, she is DTF. Even though some will get wet, it will be a dry party with no alcohol. Again, these Exclusive Parties are only to the members whom purchase the Exclusive Membership Plan and are free of charge to them.

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