Play Parties

What Are play parties?

Play Parties are events where adults socialize with like-minded people and can choose to engage in kinky fetish activities.

do we host play parties?

We cannot legally host sex parties at any adult oriented establishment in Anchorage. You can however host a private party in your own home. Our members gain access to our kink furniture/gear for rent.   

Who do i invite?

People you trust. Our club is a great way to make friends with like-minded kinksters.     

What are the rules?

All Play Parties have a Code of Conduct. We provide a CoC to our members interested in hosting and we hold workshops on Play Party Etiquette for any one new members.     

do i have to participate?

Only if you want to! Experience parties as a Voyeur! Be Respectful and NEVER interrupt an active play scene

Will I be safe?

Play Parties have Dungeon Masters (Hosts) who make sure everybody follows the rules. That all active play is Safe, Consensual, and Somewhat Sane.

 Break a Rule and You'll Be Warned. Persistent Rule Breakers will have their Membership Revoked Indefinitely. 

What happens to rule breakers?

Play Parties are a great way to learn more about the World of Sex in a Safe, Clean, Kinky, and Professional Enviornment. We will hold a conventional Play Party every week. 

What if i don't have
a fetish?

I Have more questions!