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Exclusive Membership


Covers General Admission to the Gallery, Workshops, Improv/Comedy Shows, and Gain Access to All Play Parties for One Entire Year!


20% Discount on Comedy Special Shows and Special Act Performances.


Currently the Memberships will go into effect Starting November 2019, when we open our floor for the Play Parties!


You will receive a membership card in the mail in October!

One Year Membership

  • This membership covers the general admission price for entry to the Gallery, the Workshops, the Improv/Comedy Shows, the Kinky Shows, and gives you access to All Play Parties that are held by Alaska Club Kink for one entire year! You save your money by not paying the $10 general admission cost for event you attend and you gain access to OVER 70 Play Parties!!!  That is Over 150 Play Parties!


    You also get a 20% Discount on Admission to Comedy Special Shows and Special Act Performances.

  • We offer a full Refund for the One Year Memberships if the purchase was accidental  and the buyer notifies the seller within 24 hours without having used services with the One Year Membership. Under any other conditions we cannot offer any type of refund for the One Year Memberships.