Alaska Club Kink is a start up business in Anchorage, Alaska. Our mission is to create access to safe environments for adults to become educated on safe fetish play, and enjoy a variety of entertainment in social gatherings.

With the generousity of our local businesses, we have had the support needed to run weekly munches, monthly private Meet & Greets, several workshops, and a couple of parties. To serve the community better, we need a space for the club. 

With our own space, we will be open during the working day as an Dry Bar with an all day open mic stage. Anyone can rent the space for their own events. During the evening we will have workshops, kink/comedy shows, game nights, and community events. On the weekend we will host play parties!

We aim at becoming a safe common ground space for all kink groups and comedians.

Top Ten Donors Will Be Recognized* 

Their names designed onto a Kink Toy. Their Foundation Trophy will be put on display for every visitor of the club to admire.

All other donors could choose to have their names placed on the Founders Foundation Wall. It is a Wall Panel we would own and could move without damaging any leased property.

*If a Top 10 Donor chooses to remain anonymous, they can choose to have "Anonymous" as the name designed. The donor can also request to be skipped to give the next highest donor a chance to display their name instead.