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Comedy Club or Sex Club?

Why not both! When Alaska Club Kink saves enough pennies and dimes to lease some commercial space, we will hold comedy shows, play parties, hands-on/clothes-on workshops, and a daily open showcase exhibit of all the clubs goodies. Our goal is to create a safe environment for adults to become educated on safe fetish play, have the sex positive place to experience consensual kink play, and enjoy a variety of entertainment in social gatherings.

Until we get our own place, we rent out others space for play parties. Only members get access to these play parties.


Floating Hearts

Kink News

Our site is going in a new direction! We are making Membership Exclusive and we are seeking Hosts with Play Space for our Members.

Membership will require submitting an Application and going through a Membership Interview. 

The Membership Interview is to verify age, review the Code of Conduct and Members Contract, and get signatures. This is also the time we start weaving out the creepers.

If you would like to be a Host for Play Parties, WE WILL PAY YOU!

Hosting requires submitting an Application and going through a Host Interview/Inspection.

The Host Interview is to verify age, review the Code of Conduct and Hosting Contract, and get signatures. An Inspection of the Play Space is required to ensure Members Safety, Privacy, and Standard Play Party Accommodations.

Both the Membership Application and Host Application process is suspended until we organize with Leaders in the Kink Community to discuss our operations.

COVID has screwed things up a bit but lets make the best of it! 

We will be able to manage crowd sizes and find alternative safe ways to play!

We are still Saving to Lease Commercial Space For The Club.

Take Care Of Yourself & Loved Ones

  • Please follow the Social Distancing Guidelines when leaving your home and stay home if you are sick. 

  • Make sure your loved ones have food, water, and a means to communicate. 

  • Stay active when at home to lower stress and keep your mind focused.

  • Eat as healthy as best you can.

  • Express yourself and reach out to others digitally.

Toy Contest

We still have a lot of unopened toys and we want to give them away while we build the club operations up.

On Instagram and Facebook, post a glamour shot of yourself being sexy or kinky!

#alaskaclubkink in your post so it will hit our radar!

We will choose a winner on Friday and contact them through their social media. 

We will mail the toy of their choosing.

Must be 18 years and older to enter and live in Alaska.

Lets show how sexy Alaskans are!


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