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About Alaska Club Kink

Comedy Club or Dry Sex Club?

Why not both! When we save enough pennies and dimes to lease some commercial space, we will hold comedy shows, daily open mics, hands-on/clothes-on sex eduction workshops, and community gatherings. Our goal is to create a sex positive safe environment for adults to become educated on safe fetish play and to enjoy a variety of entertainment in social gatherings.


What is a Dry Sex Club?

We cannot legally hold sex parties in any adult oriented establishment, but we can teach the community how to be safe when exploring their sexual kinks.




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Kink News

We are loving putting on these fun events for our kink community! We are super excited for Pride Month coming up! We will be hosting a Bareback BBQ on Friday June 24th at The Raven Bar. During the BBQ we will hold a Wet T-Shirt Boxers & Briefs Contest with a $100 grand prize!

Every week we hold a Mystery Munch on Thursdays from 7:30pm-9:30pm at The Raven Bar. 
Approach whoever is holding the Yellow Mystery Box to learn about the mystery event and to participate.
Could be kink, comedy, games, guest speakers, who knows!

Website Membership is always free. To become a member apply on the Membership Application page. All applicants are screened through sex offender registries and every state court system. We welcome you to join the club!

Membership gives access to more of our website and any private events we hold. 

Subscribe down below for updates, we only e-mail campaign when there is actually progress with the club, we would never fill your inbox with nonsense.

Take Care Of Yourself & Loved Ones

  • Vaccines are available! Get an appointment!

  • Please follow the Social Distancing Guidelines where it is needed and stay home if you are sick. 

  • If your loved ones are sick, make sure they have food, water, and a means to communicate. 

  • Stay active to lower stress and keep your mind focused.

  • Eat healthy as best you can.

  • Express yourself and stay connected with others.


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