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How do we mix Comedy and kink?

Comedy Shows

Our Parties are mixed with Comedy and Kink. Always themed to be fun and exciting with kinky games and/or performances!
Our space will be open for members during the day, so our club comedians and any performers can practice their acts.
We have open mic nights and we are starting up improv.
Ever sang Karaoke on a Sybian?
How about speed dating through a gloryhole?
Do you decorate your X-Cross with lights on Xmas?
Picture Taskmaster but kinky asf.

Comedy Games

Comedians Vacation

The Club would love to host 2 comedians, each from opposite coasts, to fly to Alaska for 2 weeks and experience different leisure activities. In Exchange, they help develop a few comedy shows in their own creative style and can host their own Comedy Specials at our space. When our club grows to the point we can support lower 48 comics to fly up here, we sure will!!!
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