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Rough Waters

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Captain John was well known for running the largest slave ship in the sea. Instead of burly men, he had sexy women manning each oar. Some were chained and others worked to the whip. One night, on dark stormy seas…


Captain John felt a buzz in the air. The energy coming off the women was powerful as they made their way through the choppy water. Suddenly, all eyes were on him, the silence that descended the ship was palpable. They were no longer waiting on an order, but to give one. John had not noticed that somehow, all of the women were no longer chained. They had managed to slip their chains while he had been steering the ship. 


They teamed together, wrapping the chains around Captain John, securing him to the anchor. Rope bound his hands, he was completely unable to move. They moved him to the edge of the boat and then…


One cunning succubus reached around to find the captain's member. Although he must have been terrified… he was at full guard. His manhood rock hard! Suddenly she began an unearthly like sound, a calling as it were. Suddenly the boat was surrounded by mermaids. Some bombshell blondes, fiery redheads, and dark raven vixens. Water rolling droplets over the most perfect breasts, so supple and wanting, and then…


The captain struggled in his chains to no avail. Then a huge merman flopped himself up onto the ship deck, his mer-cock flopping in the breeze. The captain starred in fascination and some trepidation at the encrusted barnacles there. The merman approached and the beautiful women surrounding the captain parted like the sea. “I claim this ship and all the booty on board in the name of Pussident’s Great Trident!”


And they lived happily ever after.

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