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Milky Way

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Mission control warned her that there would be side effects with working with this particular specimen, but she didn’t know that it would feel this good. As she stood in front of this seemingly lifeless blob, it morphed into her memory of the satisfying sexual experience from the night before. The gas the blob emitted brought to life her every desire, more real to her than any scenario she’s ever experienced. 


Yet…. wondering how she would be able to incorporate this blob in her everyday experience, her mind raced with possibilities. She had been so alone for so long. It felt good to consider how this blob’s intuitive nature could help her satisfy her deepest unsatisfied needs. Lost in thought, this woman did immediately notice the sensation climbing up her leg. Shocked out of her carnal day dreams, she was shocked to feel a pulsating firm pressure on her most sensitive and moist center. A sharp gasp escaped her supple, fall red lips. The blob’s… feuticle… had found its way beneath her skirt hem. A soft moan escaped her unwillingly as the blob slid beneath her and then… squirt squirt squirt


It’s seed squirmed deep inside, impregnating her. She gasped as she felt some untouched need another deep inside her. The blob’s tentacle expanded, its seed spilling further and further into her, engorging her. Suddenly her swollen belly supported her engorged breast, droplets of milk starting to leak from them


Hearing her screams, Dr. Uranus ran into the room and began sucking on the lactating breasts- relieving the pressure. He pulled the tentacles from her vagina relieving the pain… but she wanted more. She asked him– can we share? So the blob and Dr. Uranus enjoyed her together.


The End

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