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Welcome to Subspace

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In a magical land where there is no time, where nymphs run free… welcome to subspace.


This realm is controlled by a rogue band of demons, ruled by T’lesha, the eldest of the succubus. T’lesha had come to this land long ago, back when peacocks could wield magic through their feathers. Hunted to extinction by Romus, the King of Unicorns, the feathers are rare and worth waging war over. And then…


A knight approaches the Unicorn King during a stormy night, “My Liege! Urgent news from the border! The mythical, magical cock appeared before the troops, throbbing in and out of existence, before disappearing in an eruption of unyielding energy. Our knights attempted to pursue the cock with their long and rigged spears, plunging into a crevasse. 


As he draws his long and rigid spear from the cravasse, fire spews from below and on his spear was a roasted cock. It no longer possessed magic. A great shuddering shook the foundation of subspace causing the great Unicorn King, Romus, to leap from his majestic ledge deep in the mountains. Only to land on the jagged space rocks below. T’lesha. Oldest of the success rushed to Romus’s side and mounted his still warm body… And then.


As she’s riding his hard cock, she pulls the roasted cock off the spear, and slides it into Romus’ ass. The friction from all of the gyrating pumped Romus back to life. Those chocolate covered mushrooms were strong!

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