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Where Comedy and Kink Collide

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About Alaska Club Kink

Comedy Club or Dry Sex Club?

Why not both!

We are a Members Only Club that loves comedy and kink! We have a space in Anchorage where we hold comedy shows, open mics, hands-on/clothes-on sex eduction workshops, and fun social gatherings. Our goal is to create a sex positive safe environment for adults to become educated on safe fetish play and to enjoy a variety of entertainment in social gatherings.


What is a Dry Sex Club?

We cannot legally hold sex parties in any adult oriented establishment, but we can teach the community how to be safe when exploring their sexual kinks. We host Play Parties at our space so members are free to explore their kinks. We also support members who have their own private house parties.


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Kink News

We are loving putting on these fun events for our kink community!

All of our events are for club members only, except for the Mystery Munches.

We are hosting a Tied-up Tuesday Rope Jam every other Tuesday
 at subSpace! Bring your own rope and practice getting knotty with highly experiences coaches there to help guide. All other Tuesdays are Game Nights.

Every Friday we host an open mic night followed by karaoke! The stage is open for all variety of performances! Comedians, musicians, dancers, magicians, singers, poets, all performers welcome! Join us in a safe space where you can show off your talents, get some practice in front of a live crowd, and have fun with friends.

We host two Play Parties every month!
We just had a Kinky Disco Night on the 12th and there is a High Protocol Dinner on the 26th for Top/sub couples.
Get your tickets now!

Every week we hold a Mystery Munch on Thursdays from 7:30pm-9:30pm at The Raven Bar. 
Approach whoever is holding the Yellow Mystery Box to learn about the mystery event and to participate.
Could be kink, comedy, games, guest speakers, who knows!

Website Membership is always free. To become a member apply on the Membership Application page. All applicants are screened through sex offender registries and every state court system. We welcome you to join the club!

We do have paid membership options that provide discounts to events, no cover charge to hangout at subSpace, guest passes, and much more! We have movie night every Sunday!

Membership gives access to more of our website and any private events we hold. 

Subscribe down below for updates, we only e-mail campaign when there is actually something going on with the club, we would never fill your inbox with nonsense.

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